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Dave & Katy

1954 Ford F-100

This 1954 Ford F-100 belongs to Dave and Katy Ahrens. When they bought the truck several years ago, it did not look like this. It had been stored in a barn for long time and had evidence of a pretty rough life. After making the truck roadworthy, they drove it for about a year until Dave decided to "fix it up". As you can guess , one thing led to another and it received a total make over from one end to the other. It is painted the original color with a little polished stainless here and there for extra sparkle. The original seat has been recovered in cloth for comfort and shoulder harnesses added for safety. The next upgrade will be front disc brakes for added stopping power.  Their next project is a fully custom 1956 F-100 for their granddaughter.



1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 DZ 302

Mark wanted a Chevrolet Camaro Z28 during high school but waited 26 years before finally getting his wish.   This is a 1969 Camaro Z28 with the original DZ 302 engine and drive train.   The car has been going through a restoration over the last 15 years with the last work done a total front end rebuild.   Mark received a Holley carburetor rebuilt kit for Christmas so next up is a refresh of the carb.   The best thing about this car is driving it, listening to the glorious noise of the engine winding out at high RPM​​.

Mark and Angie
1970 Trans Am

This 1970 TransAm was rescued from going to the crusher in 1987.

Who would smash a numbers matching classic car?!?! They could not bear to see that!

Restored in 1988 to original condition from its dilapidated state, it has become the flagship  of their little 'Firebird Farm'.  It is a blast to drive, and even after all these years, can still carve up a corner with ease.  Coming soon will be a 1971 TransAm, this one will be a Blue with White Stripe 455 H.O. Four Speed car, and someday, a 1973 Buccaneer Red tribute TransAm.

They kinda like TransAm's and all Pontiac musclecars!


Len Schrad
​1970 Ford Boss 302 Mustang & 1997 Plymouth Prowler

Len acquired this ORIGINAL 1970 BOSS 302 Mustang  (NUMBERS MATCHING)  from a Classic Car dealer in AZ in Jan of 2012.   It has had one paint job 8 years ago.  The car was born in Dearborn, MI on Sept. 24, 1969 and shipped to Bill Woods Ford, Inc. in Kansas City, MO. per the MARTI Report.  All options on the Marti report areas seen on the car.   The engine bay is correct with all factory markings, The undercarriage is correct with all factory markings, interior is original.  4 speed transmission with 3.91 Traction Lock.  All Engine, Transmission and Differential tags are correct.   The original 780 CFM Holly Carb is correct.   Original odometer miles - 53,150.   832 Boss 302 GRABBER ORANGE Mustangs were produced in 1970  -- of those 400 came with a SHAKER HOOD.  


About the Prowler: First year available to the public for purchase.  The Prowler was tested here in Colorado Springs for performance at this altitude and made several trips up Pikes Peak.  For 1997 only 324 were produced and only 50 matching trailers were made in 1997,   all Prowler Purple this one is numbered 188 of the 324.  The Prowler had a five year run of which 11,260 were made - all V6's and automatic transmission ... America's Hot Rod of the 60s.

Roy & Marilyn

1967  Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Roy and Marilyn Rutz are the proud owners of a 1967 Olds Cutlass Supreme Sports Coupe with the Turnpike Cruiser option.

By 1967, the insurance companies and government regulators were getting concerned about the “horsepower race.” General Motors “voluntarily” imposed a 10 HP/100 lbs. limit on all their cars except the Corvette. Keeping with the spirit, Oldsmobile Division offered a “Stealth” version of their highly popular 442 muscle car. They used the standard 400 CID HC 442 engine but replaced the Quadrajet 4V carburetor with a 2V carburetor and reduced the horsepower rating from 350 to 300. They also changed the rear end ratio from 3.23:1 to 2.41:1 for better gas mileage. The rear end change probably had more impact on performance than the Carb reduction.

The performance enthusiast stuck with the 442 and those who wanted the most from their 29 cent a gallon gas went with the smaller 330 CID regular gas engine. Few cars were sold with this option and it was only offered for 67 and 68 (in reduced compression). This makes for a rare car today.

Roy and Marilyn’s car is Provincial white with black vinyl top. It is all virtually original down to the cloth bench front seat. Pictures show it sporting period “indy mag” wheels. Historically an Olds fan, Roy is also shown in a 1966 picture with his then new 442.


1956 GMC

1956 GMC with big back window. 270 c.i. inline six connected to four speed with granny gear and foot starter. Started out as a farm truck. It has the mustache grill, which was only available in 1956.

Steve Shane SSR.jpg
Steven Shane          2005 Chevy SSR


I really enjoy the versatility of this super sport roadster. 

It has a LS2 V8 and with the six speed manual transmission it has 395 HP.

The bed is covered by a hard tonneau cover and the bed is carpeted.

The motorized top is retractable, turning into a fun convertible for those sunny Colorado days.

Jerry Ralston
1993 Monster Miata


Jerry's car is a 1993 Monster Miata.  The conversion was done in 2007 by Martin Wilson of Monster Miata in Escondido California.  A 1993 5.0 302 cu in  Mustang GT engine was installed.  The entire drive line, brakes, suspension, wiring. and emissions were changed.  The car is California emissions compliant.  I use it as a daily driver and it is a lot of fun. 

Frank & Denise

       1923 "T"

The T-Bucket on top of the world.
​What a pretty little yellow machine​​!

Wayne & Billie

  Chevy 3100s & 1967 Ford Mustang


Here we have Wayne and Billie's 1951 Chevy 3100 and 1967 Ford Mustang Convertible. The truck has a Chevy 350/TH 350 to push it down the road. Mustang II IFS with disc brakes all the way around.  The color is Ford Chrome Yellow with gloss black running boards. The Mustang boasts original color candy apple red paint with a red interior and white convertible top.

Chuck Liley


  1957 Ford Truck

Chuck has had his truck for about 4 years now.  He originally paid $1200 for it.  He took out the old straight 6 truck motor and replaced it with a 302 that is bored out .40 over. It has a mild 351 cam and a 4 barrel intake from a '68 Mustang.  All this is backed up with an automatic transmission.  After taking care of some electrical and body issues, it's now a reliable and fun vehicle.  

Don & Dee Wonders

 1966 Ford Thunderbird and 1970 Pontiac GTO

Don and Dee wanted a project car and picked up this 1966 Ford Thunderbird at a show in Canon City back in May 2011.  It’s been an ongoing project ever since.  With a new interior, partial paint, and new brakes, they have been tackling the old girl a piece at a time.  This one is being built to be a weekend cruiser and to just have fun with.

They acquired this numbers matching PHS documented 1970 GTO in December of 2013.  It still has the original interior and 400 engine backed by a Turbo 400 trans.  Don says this one will be kept original! 


Matt & Sonya 

1970 Chevrolet Camaro

The Green Dragon was born February 1970 as a Rally Sport/Super Sport in a far off land called California.  Whereupon, she was then delivered to Williams Chevrolet of Colorado Springs.
When they found her, and she had been left outside derelict, neglected & unappreciated for eons, with her 350/300 HP heart removed and sitting forlorn in a dusty corner of a garage.
They acquired her with her scaly, peeling green skin and first started to nurture her back to health, with a Vortec headed 400 small block heart transplant.  Which invigorated and revitalized her!  She swiftly roared back to life with the fire, health and vigor due to all dragons...  
Numerous minor & major surgeries throughout the years were accomplished with bringing her back her youthful vitality.  The latest transformations were when their friend Bear strengthened her bones with the strongest unobtainium then followed by their friend Rick who applied copious amounts of Oil of Olay and massaging her scaly, peeling, green skin to a luscious, deep green hue not seen since the days of yore!


John & Claudia
1968 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible


John and Claudia's car is a beautiful base model Camaro convertible, but the outstanding part is that this is a rust free, 45,886 mile Camaro which was in sheltered storage for the last 40+ years in Boulder, Black Forest and Calhan.  The car had some minor damage to the front and rear end and the 327 engine was missing,

A 350 crate engine had been installed in the car  prior to them purchasing it  from the executors of an estate. Engine was removed and opened up only to discover it was a brand new engine, dated 1984 and had been sitting all these years. A new canvas top was  installed, the powerglide tranny rebuilt. A new exhaust system was installed  and did all the rest of the work fixing the car up themselves with no rust found including the  floors which were also  solid  The interior is orginal.  Seats and carpet were replaced as were the door panels. Dash is all original.  ..  They enjoy taking the car to events and just going for evening cruises during nice weather.  Have put almost 2000 miles on it already.

Lance and Rhonda
1967 GTO HO


We had always wanted a GTO, either 66 or 67. We found a few 68’s and later but wanted the earlier body style. We found this gem in far north Minnesota. It is all numbers matching, PHS documented HO, hardtop, original A/C car. It was purchased new at Dave Waite Pontiac in Indianapolis and taken to Arizona by a lady who found it too big and wanted something with better mileage, 20 years later.  It ended up in Minnesota late in life where it received a body restoration at a local community college body shop. It was completely rust free but dented on almost every body panel. The class straightened everything and replaced no Sheetmetal. When we bought it I finished the interior restoration where I found, in the glove box door,  the original gas receipt for the first tank of gas purchased for the car in 1967. The car currently sports a 461 Pontiac pushing 568 lb/ft of torque and 543 hp. The original engine is resting comfortably in a climate controlled garage.

Randy Schranz.jpg

Schranz Family Race to the Clouds

Check out this video about Layne Schranz and the family legacy of racing!

Sheldos Car.jpg

Sheldon and Sherry         1956 Chevy Belaire

 Sheldon found this car in an empty lot and it was later towed by a towing company.   He contacted the company abut purchas ing the car but had to wait to see if the owners claimed it.    About 10 months later they notified him that the owner never came to pick it up so he was then able to buy the car for $500.

It sat in his back yard until he retired and then had the time to restore it.  The restoration started in Sept. 2013 and was finished in April 2016.  The original engine, a straight six was  seized up so,  it was replaced with  a small block 350 with a 4 barrel carb.

He built the transmission to a 400 Turbo Glide, installed  front disc brakes and topped it off with American Racing Mags.

The rest of the body is all original including the chrome.

He has entered and won several shows. 

Jesse                  1957 Fairlane & 1957 F100 LWB

I purchased the '57 Fairlane at Ft. Hood in early 1972, after coming back from Korea. I changed the engine in it and did a few other things to it to get it drivable. Put it in storage when I was rotated to Okinawa in '73. In '74 I came back to the states and was stationed at Ft. Benning until '76 when I took it to Germany with my wife for a 3 year tour. From Germany I was stationed here at Ft. Carson from '79 'till '82. I left the car here while I was on a 2 year tour back to Germany, returning to Ft. Hood in '82. While at Ft. Hood I did all the needed bodywork and replaced rocker panels before painting the yellow in the photo taken in '84. Again a 2 year tour in Germany then returned to Ft. Hood. Back to Germany for the last time in 1987 until I retired in 1990. On my return from Germany I drove the Fairlane daily. 

    The '57 F-100 I purchased from Bob's Towing in 1993 after seeing it in storage there. I performed a frame off restoration on the F-100 and turned it into my daily driver before starting the full restoration on the Fairlane in the early 2000's. I'm performing a very slow full restoration back to the stock white with a blue interior, including a 312 with Ford-O-Matic it's suppose to have. I have too many accessories to list to add while I'm at it. When my F-100 bent an exhaust valve on 17 degree morning I parked it and purchased a Ranger pick-up for a daily driver.


Keith & Candis              2004 Chevy SSR

I have always liked the SSR since it's inception in the late 90's.  I learned to drive in my father's 50 Chevy pickup, so finding my SSR in 2012 was awesome!  It only had 30k miles on it when purchased. It now has over 52k thanks to the Hot Rod Power Tour I was on in 2018.  It is fun to cruise  with the top up or down. 

Judys Bert.jpg

Judy                    1949 Shoebox Ford (aka Bert)

This is a car I’ve wanted a long time.  My brother’s first car was a 1950 Shoebox.  That car gave us freedom to go places on our own.  This is an older restoration in pretty nice condition.  Car purchased with a rebuilt 1953 Flathead and 3 deuces; car will receive a Chevy 350 automatic, AC and fuel injection in near future.  Interior in great shape.  This is going to be a great road trip car.

Mark and Esperanza   1984 Buick Grand National

This 1984 Buick Grand National is owned by Mark and Esperanza. Mark bought the Grand National after his previous car, a 1975 Pinto station wagon, was totaled. This car was Mark and Esperanza’s date car. As a matter of fact, Mark picked up the car from the dealership on Long Island, New York and then went to pick up Esperanza to celebrate the one-year anniversary of their first date. The car has been with them ever since. This car is one of approximately 2000 built as a 1984 model. It is the first year that the Turbo Regal was given the all black (murdered out) treatment to make it look sinister. It was also the first time the Grand National had sequential fuel injection. The previous (1982) version of the Grand National was a carbureted 4.1 liter V6 that produced 125 hp @ 4000 rpm and 205 ft-lbs of torque at 2000 rpm. The 1984 Grand National has a 3.8 liter (231 Cubic inch) turbo charged V6 that produces 200 hp @ 4400 rpm and 300 ft-lbs of torque @ 2400 rpm. Over the years, Mark and Esperanza made some improvements and restored the car to keep it as original as possible. Mark says that if the car didn’t have sentimental value, they would have probably sold it many years ago. They are so glad they didn’t!

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