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Bruce McCandless Veterans Home

Thanks to the Southern Colorado Mopars Club for most of the photos.

It was a great time!   We had a couple of WWII vets visit with us and we listened intently  to their stories. One gent was in Japan with MacArthur and showed us his photo album. He told us about the jeep that was at the show and showed us photos of him crossing rivers in Japan with water coming over the hood of his truck. It was like he was there yesterday. My new friend, Jerry, was a b17 and b24 pilot flying over Europe. He spent his career in the Air Force after the war, raising 17 kids. He said he got to do everything he ever wanted. It was very humbling. I was honored to shake his hand. We'll go back again. We felt very welcomed by the vets and the staff. They were very gratefull for our visit, but we were the gratefull ones.

From Rusty

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